It is only possible to offer live coverage via schoenstattTV if the financial means allow it. Since this is a private initiative, we do not receive any money from "official Schoenstatt sources". We finance ourselves and beyond that are dependent on help from friends.

If you want schoenstattTV to grow and improve, we will have to extend our technical resources as time goes by. Our present resources are limited. This too has to be financed.

Bank account for donations

schoenstatt-tv Förderverein

DKM Darlehnskasse Münster eG
Banc code number: 400 602 65
Account number: 17 126 400

IBAN: DE87 4006 0265 0017 1264 00

We are happy to mention you by name and with your logo on our website. If you sponsor this initiative, you can be sure that you will be remembered regularly in the original shrine every Sunday.

So far, we welcome the help of ...

05:44 hs [Schoenstatt]

Schoenstatt – a place, a spirituality, a family  •  Schönstatt – ein Ort, eine Spiritualität, eine Familie  •   Schoenstatt – un lugar, una espiritualidad, una familia

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