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a place – a spirituality – a family

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Next live transmission

Tuesday, May 18 (7:30 PM Schoenstatt)

Friday, September 18 7:30 PM local time | Friday, September 18 5:30 PM UTC
Pilgrim Church and Original Shrine in Schoenstatt, Germany

Covenant of Love
Holy Mass in the Pilgrim Church and renewal of the Covenant of Love at the Original Shrine.

Wednesday, June 2 (7:30 PM Schoenstatt)

7:30 PM local time | 5:30 PM UTC
Schönstatt-Verlag, Germany

Impuls [in GERMAN]:
„Die da!“ sind auch Menschen – Bündniskultur in HassPostZeiten. (“Those there!” are people too – Covenant Culture in times of hate posts.)

Speaker: Fr. Elmar Busse ISch


21:50 hs [Schoenstatt]

Schoenstatt – a place, a spirituality, a family  •  Schönstatt – ein Ort, eine Spiritualität, eine Familie  •   Schoenstatt – un lugar, una espiritualidad, una familia

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