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a place – a spirituality – a family

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Next live transmission

Saturday, April 18 (7:30 PM Schoenstatt)

7:30 PM local time | 5:30 PM UTC
Original Shrine in Schoenstatt, Germany

Covenant of Love
Holy Mass and Renewal of the Covenant of Love at the Original Shrine.

Wednesday, June 17 (7:30 PM Schoenstatt)

7:30 PM local time | 5:30 PM UTC
Schönstatt-Verlag, Germany

Impuls [in GERMAN]:
“Oil in the gears of everyday life – climate-changing virtues”

Speaker: Fr. Elmar Busse ISch


04:50 hs [Schoenstatt]

Schoenstatt – a place, a spirituality, a family  •  Schönstatt – ein Ort, eine Spiritualität, eine Familie  •   Schoenstatt – un lugar, una espiritualidad, una familia

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